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  • Sherry Hicks  — American Sign Language Coordinator

Major contributing photographers:
Irene Young, JEB (Joan E Biren), Jerry Rubino, and Sandy Morris 

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Dale Leibowitz

    Great thanks to the artists:
    Linda Tillery
    Mary Watkins
    Carolyn Brandy
    Melanie DeMore
    Krissy Keefer
    Sally Roesch Wagner
    Lichi Fuentes
    June Millington & Ann Hackler
    Vicki Randle
    Judith Casselberry
    Elizabeth Seja Min
    Crys Matthews
    Heather Mae
    Angela Wellman
    Patricia Thumas
    Lakota Harden
    Peggy Berryhill
    Barbara Higbie
    Ginny Z. Berson
    Ellen Seeling & Jean Fineberg
    Timothy Near
    Candas Barnes
    Ray Obiedo

    And to
    Taiko film maker Vita Yee, Taiko master Bruce “Mui” Ghent, Dance Brigade Taiko drummers: Lena Gatchalia, Fredrika Near Keefer, Kimberly Valmore, Sarah Bush, Debbie Taylor, Karen Elliot, Richelle Donigan. Artistic director, Krissy Keefer.

    Thanks to readers, editors and those
    who offered advice and perspective:

    Ginny Z. Berson
    Lucas Near-Verbrugghe
    Natalia Zukerman
    Pat Hunt
    Polly Laurelchild
    Alison de Grassi
    Sandy Opatow
    Sharon Washington
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    Doralynn Folse
    Jim Brown Productions
    7-Cylinders Studio

    Thank you to our talented sign language interpreters:
    Ariana A. Saccente
    Annie Dieckman
    Mónica Gallego
    Sherry Hicks
    Jennifer Jacobs
    Mona Mehrpour
    Jennie O’Shughnessy DeLeon
    Pam Parham
    Cathleen Riddley
    Ann Smith
    Jody Steiner
    Deb’e Taylor
    Lynnette Taylor

    Grateful to:
    Freight & Salvage
    Radical Harmonies
    Come Out Singing
    Olivia Records
    Redwood Records
    Bay Area Lesbian Archives
    The Brick Hut

    Hats off to those who made Women’s Music possible:

    Women’s book stores
    Women’s recording labels
    Women’s music festivals
    Record producers
    Concert producers
    Tour managers
    Artist managers
    Booking agents
    WILD – Women’s Independent Label Distributors
    AWMAC – Association of Women’s Music and Culture
    The poets, comics, dancers, film makers
    Ladyslipper Music
    Goldenrod Music
    Girlfriends and best friends
    Audiences who came to the shows and bought the music
    People who opened their homes for artists to stay
    People who fed the touring artists
    Supportive feminist press
    Press that was willing to interview out lesbians in the seventies
    Radio programs who played Women’s Music
    Record stores that carried feminist and lesbian music
    Parents who understood and supported their children
    Children raised by feminists and lesbian feminists


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    Diligent efforts have been made to contact for credit the providers of photographs on this website who are referenced as “unknown” for certain of the posted photographs. Please accept the use of such photographs as a complement to the collection of photographs on the website that highlight and celebrate the women featured in the various photographs. If you recognize a photo with the credit as “unknown” and wish to advise us that you or someone else should be identified with the credit, please let us know and we will be pleased to add your name or that other person’s name. If the photograph was taken by you and you prefer that the photograph be removed, then you are welcome to let us know and we will do so.